Healing Events

Join us for Group Healing Events.

Relax, Release, and Let Go!

Shannon MacDonald, Spiritual Healer, Author, Transformational Life Coach, Ormond Beach, FL
Shannon MacDonald, Spiritual Healing Event, Ormond Beach, FL

Join Spiritual Healer, Shannon MacDonald, as she leads you to a heightened state of inner peace and higher awareness during this relaxing heart-opening event.

Ease into a comfortable space where you can sit or lie back and let go of your stress.

Attendees of healing events often experience profound states of deep relaxation and enhanced awareness. You may leave with a deeper understanding of our universal connection to each other. You may also leave with a greater sense of peace, knowing that you are a part of, not separated from Divinity.

As a result of your participation, emotional, spiritual and/or physical healings may be activated, as your own Divine Light is restored within your awareness. You don’t want to miss this event! It is known to be life transforming!

If you have been feeling mentally or emotionally blocked or haven’t been able to fully connect with your higher knowing, this Group Healing Event may be just what you are looking for! Be prepared to leave in awe of your own Divinity as you become energetically re-united with the remembrance of the truth of who you are.

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