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Join Us for An Evening of Channeled Messages from Divinity

Shannon MacDonald, Healing Events, Ormond Beach, FL
Shannon MacDonald, Channeling Event in Ormond Beach, FL

Join resident tutor, Shannon MacDonald in this intimate group setting for an evening of connecting with the energy, love, and messages of Divine Consciousness.

There is an “inner communication” from Source to Soul,  in which Shannon is the channel for Divinity to speak through conscious contact with open and loving hearts.

We all have the ability to access Source Energy.  Sometimes we do not know how to listen with our hearts instead of our heads in order for the infinite wisdom and healing of The Divine to be heard.

The Messages, which are only of the highest love and light, have been known to provide participants with a renewed sense of the unity and sacredness of all life, and the remembrance of our own Divine connection with ourselves and our world.   By rediscovering this truth the Messages have been known to assist with current questions and challenges, and may even open you to a deeper awareness of your own Divine potential and purpose in life. The unfolding of these Messages and application into your life often results in profound healing and new insights and awareness on multiple levels.

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