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Quantum Energy Healing

Located near Daytona Beach, Florida in the beautiful town of Ormond Beach, The Karma Castle is the event center and private office for Carl Seaver, International Psychic + Medium and Shannon MacDonald, Transformational Author, Metaphysical Healer, & Ascension Guide.

The Karma Castle is a center for anyone who is on a path of personal or spiritual growth, and for those wishing to move beyond their perceived, limited capabilities into a place of knowing that we are limitless

Our Services

Psychic + Mediumship Readings

With Carl Seaver

Psychic + Mediumship Readings are offered in-person with Carl to the Greater Daytona Beach, FL area. If you live outside of the area, Readings may be scheduled with Carl by video call internationally.

Quantum Energy Healing

With Shannon MacDonald

Quantum Energy Healing is offered via Distance Sessions with Shannon. Experience a unique Soul-to-Soul connection to support higher healing and spiritual harmony from anywhere in the world.

Transformational Author, Metaphysical Healer, Shannon MacDonald

What We Believe

Shannon MacDonald, Transformational Author Metaphysical Healer, Ascension Guide

The Karma Castle embodies and represents the ancient belief, as well as modern day science that all thoughts, words, and actions are energy, which brings about effects. When we place a greater awareness on expressing our highest intentions of love, peace, unity and compassion, we will experience the effects of greater happiness and harmony in our lives.  

We are the architects of our own happiness as well as the designers of our dreams!

Explore Our Classes, Workshops, and Events

Psychic + Mediumship Development, Mediumship Demonstrations, Women’s Circles, Healing Events, Solstice Celebrations, Guided Meditations and More!

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Some of Our Transformational Events

Mediumship Workshops
Women’s Circles

Mediumship Demonstrations

Attend a Mediumship Demonstration with Carl Seaver, Psychic Medium and our occasional Guest Mediums and connect with your Loved Ones in the Spirit World!

Mediumship Demonstration with Carl Seaver

Mediumship Demonstration with Tony Stockwell

Mediumship Demonstration with Carl Seaver

Mediumship Demonstration with Tony Stockwell

Mediumship Demonstration with Carl Seaver

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