Our Story

Carl Seaver and Shannon MacDonald

You may want to know why a psychic medium and metaphysical healer decided to move to Ormond Beach, Florida from Bend, Oregon and start a center for spiritual growth and intuitive development.

We decided to make Ormond Beach, Florida our full-time residence after spending a winter here in 2015. We initially thought we were going to be snowbirds and have East coast and West coast locations for our business. After spending 4 months in what we consider paradise and then heading back to Bend, Oregon in May of 2015, we were in shock it was still winter there! We did brace for it, and we should have know better, but it was a pretty difficult adjustment when just the week before we were laying on the beach in our bathing suits!

After much deliberation, the warm weather, sunshine, ocean, palm trees and Florida lifestyle won out. We took a leap of faith and sold or gave away almost everything we owned and packed up for a new beginning. We moved to Ormond Beach, Florida full time with our German Shepherd in tow and haven’t looked back.

For all of you who love winter, don’t get us wrong, Oregon is beautiful and we both loved it there. I (Shannon) am a native Oregonian, and Carl hails from New Jersey, so we have had our fair share of winters! We were called here for a reason other than the sunshine and Florida lifestyle. We were listening to a higher calling and followed our hearts to Ormond Beach to start a center to help guide and support people navigate their spiritual awakening and develop their heightened awareness.

The Karma Castle is here to help bring our community together in a way that it may not have had before. In addition we both work with people from all over the world via distant healing and video sessions, so don’t feel like you have to be here in Florida to schedule a session with us. Many of our classes and workshops are online as well.

We are in the age of a Great Spiritual Awakening. Many of us are seeing and feeling the inner stirrings of increased intuition and looking beyond limiting beliefs. We all have intuition, some of us pay attention to it more than others. When we learn how to listen within and become more aware to the energy around us, our intuition expands into a whole new world of increased psychic awareness and abilities. Developing these abilities can help bring more clarity, confidence, and empowerment to your life. So can spending time around other people who are on the road to awakening.

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