Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald, transformational author, metaphysical healer, reiki master, ascension guide

Schedule a Quantum Energy Healing Distance Session with Shannon from anywhere in the world.

On the leading edge of extra-dimensional communication and quantum consciousness exploration, Shannon MacDonald is a vessel and voice for Divine Consciousness and higher realms of existence. A Best-Selling Author, Metaphysical Healer, and Ascension Guide, Shannon is devoted to helping humanity awaken dormant truth and unlock hidden dimensions of reality trapped within conditioned consciousness and fear-based belief systems. Her Starseed mission is to support The Great Awakening and Ascension of human consciousness.

Shannon offers Quantum Energy Healing via Distance Sessions to support higher healing and spiritual harmony for mind, body, and soul. A Reiki Master and Registered Nurse for over 25 years, she has helped thousands of people reconnect with their higher awareness, shift their realities, and heal in profound and unexpected ways.

How to Find Inner Peace Free Ebook by Shannon MacDonald
How to Find Inner Peace Free Ebook by Shannon MacDonald
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