Shannon MacDonald

Shannon MacDonald, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Life Guide, and Author

Shannon MacDonald, Transformational, Self Help, New Age Author

Shannon MacDonald is an Author, Spiritual Healer, Divine Feminine Life Guide, Oracle, and Emissary of The Light. She helps people activate their healing, shift limiting beliefs and destructive patterns, and raise their consciousness.

Shannon’s heart-centered approach is known to help her clients have more confidence and clarity as they discover their peace, purpose, and highest potentials. Her unique mission in life is to help people remember the truth of who they are as eternal, limitless, divine expressions of Source.

Shannon channels Higher Consciousness to help humanity shift from fear, illusion, and limitation-based 3D reality, into love, truth, and liberation-based 5D Unified Field Consciousness. 

A devotee to uplifting and harmonizing the hearts of humanity, Shannon relays messages of divine inspiration, love, hope, and healing in her books, events, and services. She maintains a private practice in Ormond Beach, Florida, where she offers Spiritual Healing + Reiki, Divine Feminine Life Guidance, and Ascension Code Activations in-person and remotely worldwide via video call.

Shannon’s unique experience and abilities have helped thousands of people, over her 28-year career as a registered nurse and holistic healer reconnect with their hearts and heal in profound and unexpected ways. Shannon conducts various transformational events and gatherings that can be found on her website.

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How to Find Inner Peace Free Ebook by Shannon MacDonald
How to Find Inner Peace Free Ebook by Shannon MacDonald