Mediumship Demonstrations

Mediumship Demonstration Events at The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach, FL

Join Us for a Mediumship Demonstration and spend time with your loved one(s) in Spirit!

It’s a challenge adjusting to any loss, and it takes time to feel relief.  We will always miss our loved ones, but come and join us for these wonderful events where we will understand that our loved ones are always accessible to us.

Mediumship Demonstration Events have a beautiful way of touching each and every Soul who attends, as it is an uplifting and Healing Spiritual experience.

Making a Connection to your loved ones in Spirit is one way that could possible help ease your suffering, sadness and grief.  A Mediumship Demonstration could even deepen your understanding of the continuation of life after death (death of the body).  It can offer peace in your life to know that the Soul carries on.  It is only the physical body that dies.

Psychic Medium, Carl  Seaver, (or an occasional special guest Medium) will offer as many Messages and Connections to Spirit as time and energy permits.  Attending this type of event does not guarantee that you will receive a Message or a Connection from The Spirit World.  However, messages and connections will often relate to many people in attendance.

The Mediumship Demonstrations are not learning environments, but hosted events in a group setting.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Mediumship Demonstrations at The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach, Florida!

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