Online and In-Person Psychic Development Circles

Are you Psychic???  Have you ever thought of someone and then they called you on the phone?  Can you sense someone’s emotions just be being around them?  Then maybe its time you started to develop your innate psychic abilities

Learn how to develop and use the abilities that we were all born with. Our Psychic Development Classes will expand your Psychic Awareness. Come and learn about your own current Psychic strengths.  Learn about the “Clairs” – Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudience. Learn about Psychometry, ESP, Psychic/Energetic Hygiene, as well as your own Psychic abilities.

No experience is required to attend our  Psychic Development Practice Circles!

These development circles are limited to 12 students.
You must pre-register to attend.  Follow this link to pre-pay to secure your seat.

Check our calendar of events to see when the next Psychic Development Circle is scheduled

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