The Karma Castle offers specialized services with Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium and Shannon MacDonald, Spiritual Healer, that are designed to inspire, unite and heal. All services are are by appointment only.

To book any of the Services offered below, simply click on the Service.

You may be able to schedule appointments in person, by phone, online, or by video call, based upon the specific session.  Details of schedule can be found once you select the Session of your choice.

Psychic Readings
Offered by Resident Tutor, Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium.
Sometimes called a Soul to Soul Reading, a Psychic Reading is a session of receiving Information about, and for, an individual from a heightened awareness or heightened perception beyond that which is gained through basic 5 human senses.

My role as a Psychic is to share information about your potentials, as well as things that may be blocking you from achieving the life of your dreams. I am able to provide verifiable evidence about things you have done, and many times about things you are preparing to do.

You will leave with a sense of knowing you are capable of achieving your dreams. You will be inspired and hopeful again, knowing you are provided and equipped with what it takes for you to continue on your journey in the most successful way.

Mediumship Sessions
Offered by Resident Tutor, Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium
A private session where the Medium communicates with those in spirit who have crossed over.  A session is conducted as a one-on-one (1-on-1) private appointment, and can also be scheduled in a 2-on-1, platform or gallery setting that consists of an audience of people, and the selected individuals who get readings are random. (meaning not everyone will get a reading).  

There are as many Mediums as there are styles of Mediumship and different ways that Mediums connect to your Loved Ones in The Spirit World.  The purpose of the Medium is to share EVIDENCE of your Loved One(s), such as but not limited to, their personality, character, style of dress, type of work they did, how they passed, how long they have passed, names and dates that are connected to them, or to you, what family events they have seen since they have passed, etc.  The evidence is provided so that you know without a doubt who the Medium is communicating with.  This evidence is provided to you so that you have an understanding that the soul carries on, that there is a continuation of life, after life, and that your Loved One(s) in The Spirit World are still with you and that they continue to support you.

Mediumship House Parties
Offered by Resident Tutor, Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium
Are you thinking about hosting a party at your house? Imagine relaxing in the privacy of your own home, where you host 8-10 of your friends and family, all for the purpose of experiencing connections and messages of love and hope from The Spirit World. Mediumship House Parties are wonderful intimate gatherings where you and your guests all have a unique opportunity to experience a reunion of souls, where Loved One(s) from The Spirit World come to join you and show you that they are still a part of your lives. What could be better than sharing this experience with 8-10 of your closest friends and family in the privacy of your own home?

Setting up a Mediumship House Party is fun thing to do, and usually last about 1-1.5 hours.
You must be within 25 minutes of The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach Florida, otherwise additional travel fees will apply. If you live further than 25 minutes away from The Karma Castle I’m happy to discuss in more detail; please email me.

Mini-Photo Readings.
Offered by Resident Tutor, Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium.
You can submit a photo of your Loved One in The Spirit World for a mini photo reading. There is no schedule to make, or appointment to keep. I will provide you with a brief emailed synopsis of all that I could perceive from your Loved One in the photo, and share any messages or evidence with you.

Psychic Questions.
Offered by Resident Tutor, Carl Seaver, Psychic and Medium
Do you have a burning desire to know something, but don’t have the time to wait for a full private reading? Here, you can submit your brief Psychic Question directly to me. Your Psychic Question can be as specific or as general as you wish, and your answer will be provided to you as a reply or response to your submitted email.​​

Spiritual Healing/Reiki
Offered by Resident Tutor, Shannon MacDonald, Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Healing unites the holistic practice of what is commonly known as Energy Healing with the harmonizing vibrations of Source Energy to help activate the innate, self-healing abilities we all possess.  The common link within Spiritual Healing is connection, presence, and oneness with the Divination of each Soul to The Source, or Intelligence of the Universe.  A Spiritual Healer acts as a channel from Source Energy to help facilitate healing physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.  Spiritual healing is complementary to any traditional or alternative medical care, and is a wonderful addition to help alleviate pain and suffering at the end of life, as well as for acute and chronic conditions. Learn more on Shannon’s website

Transformational Life Coaching
Offered by Resident Tutor, Shannon MacDonald, Spiritual Healer

A Clarity Consultation with Shannon is an exploratory dialog that will provide insight for how to have a better understanding of yourself and see your life in a brighter light. It is a sacred space where you can feel safe, heard, and valued.

This is a wonderful service if you you:

  • Find yourself wondering about your purpose or how you can make better choices, move beyond disempowering patterns, fearful thinking, and limiting beliefs.
  • Need someone to talk with who will listen as they gently and respectfully hold the space for you to share your worries, ideas, plans, or dreams for the future.

 Learn more on Shannon’s website.