Psychic + Mediumship Readings

Quantum Energy Healing

The Karma Castle in Ormond Beach, FL offers specialized services from International Psychic Medium, Carl Seaver, and Bestselling Author and Metaphysical Healer Shannon MacDonald.

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Ormond Beach or the Greater Daytona Beach, Florida Area. Services are easily scheduled online. All services are by appointment only.

Psychic + Mediumship Readings
with Carl Seaver

My Psychic + Mediumship readings help you understand you are an eternal spiritual being who is far more powerful than you have imagined. You will have a greater sense of ease when you truly realize the soul is eternal and your loved one(s) are still a part of your life. Gain the confidence to move forward and the strength in knowing your loved ones never die. Private sessions generally book 1-2 months in advance and can be held in-person at the Karma Castle, by Phone, or by Video Call.

Quantum Energy Healing Distance Sessions
with Shannon MacDonald

Quantum Energy Healing is a whole-person approach to help your mind, body, and soul align with your highest healing and infinite potentials. These remarkable healing sessions provide a Soul-to-Soul connection to help you harmonize with the organizing frequencies of Higher Consciousness to support optimal healing and spiritual awakening. This life-transforming Quantum Connection can help release energetic blocks, awaken dormant abilities, and transform disempowering patterns that may be keeping you from experiencing your most vital, authentic, empowered life.

Mediumship Mentoring & Coaching Programs
with Carl Seaver

Mediumship Mentoring Programs will provide the individual professional or developing Medium with dedicated one-on-one time, individualized unique and specific Mediumship exercises, and assignments.

Whether you see clients professionally, or if you are a developing Medium, I will be able to help you achieve your goals.

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